Double Album - New. Release date: 28/08/20.


Tigersushi’s 20 year anniversary celebrations start with a compilation of unreleased demos from their roster. It’s a good way to give a snapshot of what Tigersushi has been throughout those 20 years, demos being the most direct and honest form of recorded music. Some of those tracks date back to 2001, like Joakim’s Pom Pom, some are fairly recent like Katerina’s Night and Day but the real consistency here lies in the refusal of being categorized, there’s a surprisingly seamless flow while we travel between genres (Indie Pop, lo-fi Folk, raw House, Electronica, Ambient) and that is Tigersushi’s DNA. No bullshit, no trend hopping, just really talented artists who care about their craft more than their career. 


Tiger Sushi Demos 2000-2020 - Various



    39 Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds



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