7" - New. Release date: 10/07/20  Orange vinyl


500 only pressed. The Lovely Eggs release a brand new single Long Stem Carnations taken from their number one selling album I am Moron. Long Stem Carnations is released on limited edition orange 7” vinyl with mind melting artwork by their long time collaborator and partner in crime Casey Raymond. Backed by brand new B side The Voyage, Long Stem Carnations was inspired by the Mars One programme, a global project which aims to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Applicants are offered a one way ticket- never to see earth again. This fascinated Holly and David who drew parallels between this mission and their own isolation as a band. Long Stem Carnations is a funeral march for society’s outcasts and freaks. It’s an existential voyage in cosmic form.

The Lovely Eggs - Long Stem Carnations



    12 Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 2AD




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