Album - New. Release date: 25/09/20.  


Daydream is the debut album from The Buckleys – a three-piece from Byron Bay, Australia, comprising of siblings Sarah (20), Molly (17) and Lachlan (18). Sarah is lead singer and song provider, with a catalogue of over 100 compositions, some crafted with high-profile names from the song-writing world (Linda Perry, etc.). Sarah plays guitar and piano, Molly mandolin, organ, violin and vocal harmonies, Lachlan electric and slide guitar.

When it comes to working hard to achieve their goals, The Buckleys have been single-minded from the start – that moment in 2011 when they decided to pool their talents in earnest. They knew that making a mark in Nashville would be important, so they saved up funds through busking and working odd jobs, all of it going towards a trip to Music City in 2016, and the contacts and supporters gained from that visit continue to play a role.

Indeed, debut album, Daydream, was recorded in Nashville with multiple Grammy award-winning producer Chad Carlson – a 12-track affair reflecting the full scope of the band’s musical vision. Country, rock, pop, Motown and blues, all of these flavours are here, underpinned by telling hooks and melodies.

The Buckleys - Daydream



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