Album - New. Release date: 26/09/20 Black Vinyl


On sale online from 18.00 hours September 26th


A limited-edition album release that expands the original Electric Folklore Album of 1988. Featuring 10 previously unreleased tracks, Celtic Folklore Live is housed in a sleeve that echoes the original 1988 release, so that when placed side by side, they form a double album. The first five tracks on side one are from Hammersmith Odeon, London (Feb 9th 1988) and the tracks on side two are from The Cabaret, San Jose, California (March 17th 1988). 

LP: track 1. Newtown Jericho / track 2. Knife Edge / track 3. Howling Wind / track 4. Presence Of Love / track 5. Absolute Reality / track 6. One Step Closer To Home / track 7. Marching On / track 8. The Stand / track 9. Sixty Eight Guns / track 10. Bound For Glory


The Alarm - Celtic Folklore Live



    39 Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds



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