Album - New. Release date: 21/08/20   Neon Yellow Vinyl


Stick In The Wheel (singer Nicola Kearey, and guitarist / producer Ian Carter), blend the traditional with their own innovative and unique sound. Their debut From Here (2015) and second album Follow Them True (2018) received much critical acclaim; with the Guardian describing their music as ‘razor-sharp, direct and fantastic’. 

Their third album Hold Fast is the creation of a band who are politically motivated, unapologetically raw, experimental and genuine. It’s a made-under-pressure, no-punches-pulled unique and vivid collection of protest music in its true sense, and in times like these it makes Stick In The Wheel one of Britain’s most essential bands.

Stick In The Wheel - Hold Fast



    39 Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds



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