Ticket admits one, issued as QA code and will be sent to mobile

Venue: Blueberry Hill Studios, Kirkstall Industrial Park, Unit 11, Leeds LS4 2AZ

Album will be posted / made available for collection on or just before release date


COVID SECURE VENUE Admission numbers have been limited and measures to ensure social distancing have been put in place


Red Rum Club broaden their horizons with their second studio album, The Hollow of Humdrum. Widening the spectrum of their sonic, this record varies from acoustic ballads to disco themed festival anthems. Theatrical brass lines and pop choruses are infused with rumbling bass lines, western guitars and Latin percussion to create this instantly recognisable record. The Hollow of Humdrum depicts a metaphorical hideaway. It reflects upon the vices and virtues people use to escape the mundanities of everyday life. The identity of Red Rum Club is still very apparent but The Hollow of Humdrum marks the band’s natural evolution from their debut album,Matador.

Red Rum Club TICKET BUNDLE - The Hollow Of Humdrum

  • x1 Album - New. Release date: 02/10/20.  Pink vinyl 

    x1 Ticket  Thursday 8th October 2020 @7pm, Blueberry Hill Studios




39 Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds




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