Album - New. Release date: 16/10/20   Black Vinyl


Oliver Coates makes a new album for RVNG Intl. incorporating ambient, psych, and drone metal techniques with repeating melodic hooks. Skins n Slimes is inspired by the voids and cuts of Gordon Matta Clark, the musical numerology of Hanne Darboven, and the ambient compositions of Enno Velthuys, and it expands on the modulated cello and synth palette of Remain Calm, his 2016 record with Mica Levi. 

The music incorporates a new live “slime” method of performance, improvisation and composition which is a chain of cello, heavy distortion, chorus and two loopers automating different layers of counterpoint. The smeared organum harmony is spread across two octaves and two 5th transpositions and is structured like a live action painting. The majority of the tracks on the album are single take live performances. 

One of Oliver’s most important collaborators from 2019, Malibu, returns on the final track in a spoken word and auto-tuned singing capacity. The tender aspects of pure strings in some tracks reflect a fragile state of mind and an unwillingness to do anything except to lay bare truthful emotions.

Oliver Coates - Skins N Slime



    39 Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds



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