Album - New. Release date: 09/10/20. Limited marbled silver/white/black vinyl


machinedrum (travis stewart) returns with his definitive new album “a view of u” featuring an incredible cast of collaborators including freddie gibbs, sub focus, chrome sparks, father (awful records), mono/poly (brainfeeder), tigran hamasyan, jesse boykins iii, rochelle jordan and tanerélle.

stewart is a rarity in dance music, aside from his chameleon-like ability to skip - apparently effortlessly - between tempos and styles, he has earned the respect and admiration of his peers and fans alike for his consistently progressive approach to electronic music & his ability to blend hip-hop rhythms and the tightly programmed experimental electronic sounds of idm makes his output very popular with dsps. previous albums on ninja tune were “human energy” (2016) and 2013’s “vapor city”: an ambitious and expansive exercise in world building through entire city/ location designs via eclair fifi’s incredible pointillism artworks, content-heavy, locale-specific vapor city citizenship subscriber club and the weirdcore ‘eyesdontlie’ video). both are held in high regard by critics with positive reviews from the likes of resident advisor (4/5), pitchfork (7.8), rolling stone, mixmag (8/10), dj mag (9), clash (8/10), fact magazine (4/5), crack (7/10) and more. the use of "u" in the title “a view of u” represents the universe aka the infinite. the central theme of the album is the concept of having an out of body experience (oobe). “the feeling of being out of your body feels infinite. it feels like time has stopped. it feels like the birth of creation,” explains travis. “it feels like the impossible becomes possible. it feels unfamiliar and familiar at the same time. it feels scary at first but once you let go of that fear and surrender to the experience it feels incredibly beautiful and life changing.”

Machinedrum - A View of U



    12 Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 2AD



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