Album - new. Release date: 24/07/20. White vinyl


with her bold and bracing new album, ‘bad vacation,’ liza anne hasn’t just shaped her liberation, she’s completely reinvented it.

the record is as defiant as it is thoughtful, showcasing remarkable confidence and keen self-awareness as it tackles toxic relationships, destructive habits, and the exhaustion of millennial ennui. the songs here represent an audacious sonic leap forward for liza and her band, mixing full-throated rock and roll anthems with playful new wave jams and power pop earworms. produced by micah tawlks (louis prince, coin) and kyle ryan (kacey musgraves, natalie prass) and co-produced by liza [with the exception to the first singles “devotion” and desire that were produced by justin meldal-johnsen (m83, beck,)] arrangements are poised and fierce to match, fueled by muscular guitar hooks, retro synthesizers, and wry, incisive lyrics. the result is an album that draws big emotion from little moments, a collection that calls to mind everything from st. vincent and sleater-kinney to blondie and kate bush as it finds power in projection and liberation in letting go. “i was writing what i needed to hear,” liza explains. “i was writing what i needed to feel. i was quite literally writing a stronger, more empowered version of myself into existence.”

Liza Anne - Bad Vacation

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39 Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds



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