12" - new. Release date: 17/07/20.  


Come Play With Mes first 12" vinyl featuring 13 artists we have worked with or who are on their radar! They thought maybe it was time for our cute little 7s to grow large just this once so were pulling together our first 12 on ecomix-vinyl to show the world some of the amazing variety of music being made in/around Leeds right now. 

Ecomix-vinyl production means using leftover wax already in the factory so that each record is different and the colour is completely random and unique! Its also a little bit more environmentally friendly as its using up material that would otherwise be thrown away!

They wanted to find a way to do something that got a little cash back to some of the brilliant contributing musicians that we work with and so asked all 13 to contribute one exclusive track for your listening pleasure. Theyve all kindly given their track for free - so in return were going to try and help them in these massively challenging times by returning all profits made from the eco-vinyl LP sale to the artists. A lot of them are really struggling after dates / releases have been rescheduled / cancelled so were hoping this can be a really positive thing to launch right now for everyone!

Tracks: Team Picture: Back To Bay Six (Crulligan Remix) / Jasmine: Mind- State / Van Houten: Be Er Than This (Demo) / English Teacher: The Trea- Cle Trap Door / Dialect: Come Up / Tall Talker: River Hands / Dead Naked Hippies: Eyes Wide (Night Time Version) / Magick Mountain: The Shi Y Beatles (Live At Mabgate Bleach 16.05.19) / Dense: Electric Chair / Her Tilted Moons: Dead Poets / Maya Kally: Chose To Stay / Talkboy: Over & Under (Demo) / Household Dogs: One Last Look Around

Come Stay With Me - Various

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