12" - New.  Release Date: 19/09/20  Black Vinyl


Longstanding Hospital pathfinder Nu:Tone gets things rolling with his monumental 'Missing Link'.

Originally released in 2006 as the B-side to 'The Things That Lovers Do', steady flowing drums

and a resonant descending bassline set the track up to be way ahead of its time, undoubtedly

shaping the modern sounds of drum & bass today. None other than Danny Byrd steps up next with

his funk-driven 'Gold Rush' featuring D&B nobles Brookes Brothers. Making its mark on the scene

back in 2008 via his 'Supersized' album, Danny infuses euphoric strings and dreamy vocal chops into

a majestic 174BPM anthem which hits just as hard as it did back then.



Classic Symptoms 12

  • Album - New. Release date: 13/11/20.  Black vinyl


39 Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds




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