Album - new. Release Date: 12/02/21. Marble colour Vinyl Limited to 200

Genre: Indie/Alt / Pop


Highway Dancer reflects on the pressure of life, addiction, growing up, mortality, family, travel and time. The title Highway Dancer defines the limbo state of restlessness and the movement forward through life. My best efforts were written and recorded into these 11 songs, each song contrasting the next, just as opposites attract in nature. Each track is different and can be compared to the next in such a way as to emphasize their juxtaposition. The songs you hear on this album were compiled from a larger catalogue over the past 3 years. Many of the songs are the subconscious soundtrack to my life and travels before my mind had a chance to conceive them. Inspiration came from everything that attracted my inner soul to the external forces and beauty this world has to offer. From the endless Highways of North America to the Hutong alleys of Beijing.
The songs chose me.



Calvin Love - Highway Dancer (2021 re-issue)

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