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Mike Myers' ultra-mod '60s spy spoof Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery skillfully wrings humour from the differences and the similarities between the '60s and '90s, so it isn't surprising that the soundtrack balances '60s pop hits with '90s songs that wryly rework those swinging styles. Naturally, the original Burt Bacharach songs sound the best, yet there a number of retro-style gems, ranging from the funky acid jazz of the James Taylor Quartet and the straight-ahead pop/rock of Edwyn Collins and Susanna Hoffs to the Lightning Seeds' trip-hop reworking of the Turtles' You Showed Me and the Wondermints' ringing title theme. In other words, it's nearly fab.

1. The Magic Piper (of love) - Performed by Edwyn Collins
2. BBC - Performed by Ming Tea
3. Incense and Peppermints - Performed by Strawberry Alarm Clock
4. Carnival - Performed by The Cardigans
5. Mas Que Nada - Performed by Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66
6. Female Of The Species (Fembot Mix) - Performed by Space
7. You Showed Me - Performed by The Lightning Seeds
8. Soul Bossa Nova - Performed by Quincy Jones and His Orchestra
9. These Days - Performed by Luxury
10. Austin's Theme - Performed by The James Taylor Quartet
11. I Touch Myself - Performed by The Divinyls
12. Call Me - Performed by The Mike Flowers Pops
13. The Look Of Love - Performed by Susanna Hoffs
14. What The World Needs Now Is Love - Performed by Burt Bacharach and The Posies
15. The Book Lovers - Performed by Broadcast
16. Austin Powers - Performed by Wondermints
17. The "Shag-adelic" Austin Powers Score Medley - Performed by George S. Clinton

Austin Powers OST



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