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New releases for 21st August

Coming Friday, 21st August

21 releases on the 21st, plus a RSD reminder!

Dermot Kennedy - Giants


This new single Giants is featured on a new expanded version of Without Fear and comes backed with Day’s Like These on the flip.

Pavement - Sensitive Euro Man


Matador Records release a three-song shaped picture disc commemorating the 25th anniversary of Pavement’s 1995 album Wowee Zowee. The special disc, cut in the shape of the speech bubble found on the cover of Wowee Zowee, features the tracks Sensitive Euro Man and Brink of the Clouds / Candylad.

Eno / Wobble - Spinner 25th Anniversary


25th anniversary reissue of this unique coming together of Brian Eno and ex-Public Image Limited bass player Jah Wobble, also featuring Jaki Liebezeit from Can on drums. Starting life as the soundtrack to Derek Jarman's Glitterbug, Eno passed stereo mixes of the film cues to Wobble who embellished and built upon them to construct the Spinner tracks.

Mungo's Hi Fi x Marina P - Soul Radio


Mungo’s Hi Fi cement their long-standing connection with Italian-born, Paris-based singer Marina P, by releasing eagerly awaited concept album Soul Radio. Over six years in the making.

Naked Giants - The Shadow


Naked Giants release The Shadow via New West Records. The 11- song set was produced by Chris Funk of the Decemberists and follows the Seattle, WA-based trio’s Green Fuzz EP (2019) and debut album Sluff (2018).

Swarvy - Sunny Days Blue


Philadelphian multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer Swarvy makes his solo debut on Kamaal Williams's imprint Black Focus with a stunning new EP entitled Sunny Days Blue, his first release as the primary vocalist.

Bully - Sugaregg


Bully return with their third album and it's their most expressive and powerful yet. Sugaregg roars from the speakers and jumpstarts both heart and mind. Like My Bloody Valentine after three double espressos, opener Add It On zooms heavenward within seconds, epitomizing Bognanno’s newfound clarity of purpose.

Current Joys - Live at Kilby Court


Hear Current Joys tear through a live set of fan favorites recorded last winter at Kilby Court in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Bright Eyes - A Collection of Songs


1998 debut album for Bright Eyes was compiled from four reels of analog 4-track recordings which Conor Oberst had made prior to his 18th birthday.

Bright Eyes - Down in the Weeds Where the World Once Was


Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was is an enormous record caught in the profound in-between of grief and clarity – one arm wrestling its demons, the other gripping the hand of love, in spite of it.

Jamie Webster - We Get By


By singing the lives of the angels, villains and overlooked of Liverpool, Jamie Webste sings the hope-filled daydreams of a generation on We Get By, the singer-songwriter’s debut album, released on Modern Sky.

Broken Hands - Split In Two


Newly re-signed to So Recording, Broken Hands' second album delivers more drama, fuzz and anthems to the current rock landscape.

Le Ren - Morning & Melancholia


Le Ren’s close-to-the-bone, heartbreak folk songs seem, at first, to tap into a shared musical memory. A melody swirls forward and you’re just sure it’s known to the back of your mind; was it in from a movie you saw, some classic mid-60s setpiece? But before you can zero in through the fog, your heart is torn apart by her voice — rich, direct and mellifluous.

Guided By Voices - Alien Lanes


Matador Records release a 25th Anniversary vinyl edition of Guided By Voices’ 1995 album Alien Lanes. Inspired by the multicoloured drumhead featured on the album’s artwork, this new edition is pressed on blue, green and red multicolored vinyl.

H.C. McEntire - Eno Axis


Narratively, H.C. McEntire’s Eno Axis is about finding direction in the natural world, and following love. Sonically, it’s an album shaped enormously by the atmosphere it was recorded in the crew’s synergy and positivity, the proximity and presence of a band in a room playing with intention.

L.A. Witch - Play With Fire


Play With Fire is a bold new journey that retains L.A. Witch’s siren-song mystique, nostalgic spirit, and contemporary cool. Despite the stylistic breadth of the record, there is a unifying timbre across the album’s nine tracks, as if the trio of young musicians is bound together as a collective of old souls tapping into the sounds of their previous youth.

Seth Bogart - Men On The Verge Of Nothing


Los Angeles-based musician, artist and DIY / queer icon Seth Bogart releases Men On The Verge Of Nothing via new label Wacky Wacko Recordings. It is a return to form for the artist with DIY-roots, entirely written and produced by Bogart himself.

Vex Ruffin - LiteAce Frequency


LiteAce Frequency follows Vex Ruffin’s Emilio EP, which was released on Stones Throw. The album will appeal to fans of Bullion, James Pants, Dam-Funk, Teebs, Daedelus, Paul White, Anika, Toro Y Moi, Ariel Pink, etc.

No Joy - Motherhood


For No Joy’s first full length in five years, White-Gluz took what she learned from synthesis, reincorporated guitars, and produced an album that is not a departure from No Joy’s early shoegaze, but a stylistically omnivorous expansion that ekes into trip hop, trance and nu-metal.

Erasure - The Neon


Written and produced by Vince Clarke and Andy Bell, the new album sees the band deliver a 10 track collection of uplifting and optimistic synth-pop, connecting their past and future and glistening with hope.

The Lemon Twigs - Songs For The General Public


The D’Addario brothers return with their third Lemon Twigs album, Songs For The General Public - written, recorded and produced by the D’Addarios at their home studio in Long Island, Sonora Studios in Los Angeles and Electric Lady in New York City.

Record Store Day

Saturday 29th August

David Bowie - Changesnowbowie

The Big Moon - Live to Vinyl

The Chemical Brothers - Surrender To Love

Kirsty MacColl - Other People's Hearts - B Sides 1988-1989

New Order - Peel Sessions '82

The Sweet Inspirations - The Sweet Inspirations

Slowdive - Slowdive

Giorgio Moroder - Right Here Right Now Feat. Kylie

Lee Perry and Black Ark Players - Guidance

For a full list of RSD items, please click here!

Pick of the week

Bully - Sugaregg

From Rough Trade:

Bully return with their third album and it's their most expressive and powerful yet. Sugaregg roars from the speakers and jumpstarts both heart and mind. Like My Bloody Valentine after three double espressos, opener Add It On zooms heavenward within seconds, epitomizing Bognanno’s newfound clarity of purpose, while the bass-driven melodies and propulsive beats of Where to Start and Let You are the musical equivalents of the sun piercing through a perpetually cloudy sky. On songs like the strident Every Tradition and Not Ashamed, Bognanno doesn’t shy away from addressing “how I feel as a human holds up against what society expects or assumes of me as a woman, and what it feels like to naturally challenge." Other stand outs include the swirly Like Fire and slower, more contemplative songs such as Prism and Come Down.

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