• Ben Lee

New Releases: 5th March 2021

Ben brings you all the new releases and reissues to arrive at The Vinyl Whistle this week, featuring releases ranging from indie, rock, post punk, synth-pop, ambient, experimental, hip-hop, electronica, folk, soul, jazz, dance, psychedelic and pop. To order, you can find the items on the links below. Here's Ben's roundup of his Top 10 Picks of the week:

Arab Strap - As Days Get Dark (Indie Rock / Electronic / Alternative)

"It's about hopelessness and darkness,” says Aidan Moffat. “But in a fun way.” The Arab Strap frontman is speaking about the band’s 7th studio album and their first since 2005’s The Last Romance. The band's exciting return saw the much lauded The Turning of Our Bones single achieve Record of