• Ben Lee

New Releases: 22nd January 2021

Ben brings you all the new releases and reissues to arrive at The Vinyl Whistle this week, featuring releases ranging from indie, electronic, techno, house, rock, metal core, folk, ambient, psychedelic, RnB, soul, jazz, punk, African, reggae, MPB and pop. To order, you can find the items on the links below. Here's Ben's roundup of his Top 10 Picks of the week:

Bicep - Isles (Deluxe) (Electronic / Techno / House)

Two years in the making, “Isles” expands on the artful energy of their 2018 debut “Bicep”, while digging deeper into the sounds, experiences and emotions that have influenced their lives and work. They describe “Isles” as “a snapshot in time” of their work in this period, with the tracks designed to evolve in their different iterations from record to live show and beyond. “This is definitely the home listening version,” says Matt, “the live version will be much, much harder”.

Lead single ‘Apricots’ encapsulates these disparate influences perfectly. Sampling traditional Malawian singers—recorded by ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey in 1958 and released via the label Beating Heart, whose profits go towards supporting the ongoing music conservation work of the International Library of African Music—and a 1950’s performance by The Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Vocal Choir, steeped in a shimmering bath of warm synths, its spare percussion and arresting vocals bring the big room chills of 90s rave, while still evoking something lost or forlorn. The accompanying video—also released today—is directed by Mark Jenkin, who recently took home a 2020 BAFTA for Outstanding Debut by a British Director for his 2019 film ‘Bait’.

‘Atlas’, the first track drawn from the record, was released to massive acclaim in March, making both the Radio 1 and Radio 6 playlists, its euphoric energy and bittersweet heft hit all the harder in uncertain times. It is, as Resident Advisor called it, “music that commiserates with you while you try to dance out your anxieties”.

Buy the 2LP Black version here

Bring Me The Horizon - Post Human: Survival Horror (Rock / Experimental / Metalcore / Electro)

Bring Me The Horizon release their highly-anticipated new 9 track EP, Post Human: Survival Horror featuring Yungblud, Babymetal, Amy Lee and the Nova Twins.

Helena Deland - Someone New (Folk / Indie Rock / Art Rock)

Helena Deland’s debut album, Someone New, an exploration of gender, power, time and the “self” that finds Deland in full control of her sound and style, even as she asks whether control is ever possible. The album was written and recorded over a period of two years, beginning with Deland’s guitar and expanding into a lavish sonic sphere that blends elements of hypnagogic pop and classic folk. Deland’s voice ties it all together, sometimes hushed in a whisper, sometimes shrouded in distortion, and sometimes full and clear – but always inviting the listener into her world. Someone New is Montreal's Helena Deland's first full length record. It follows her 2018 series of EPs entitled Altogether Unaccompanied, a two-year period during which she toured with Weyes Blood and Connan Mockasin, amongst others, opened for Iggy Pop in Paris and collaborated with Jpeg Mafia.

Tom Furse - Ecstatic Meditations (Electronic / Ambient / Acid)

Ecstatic Meditations’, the follow up to 2016’s acclaimed debut solo outing ‘interludes’, features six beautifully crafted new tracks leading with an edit of the 20 minute album opener and lead track ‘journey in ecstasy’. An adventurous deep listening experience, the new collection was recorded, mixed and mastered by furse at his electronic studio on the margate coast. a sonic tapestry of sound that takes inspiration from the likes of alice coltrane, laraaji, eno and steve reich together with a new found appreciation for japanese environmental music composers such as akira ito and yasauki shizimu. the result is an intense yet playfully refreshing take on ambient and electronic music.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Infest The Rat's Nest (Rock / Garage Rock / Acid Rock / Peog / Psychedelic)

The planet is in trouble. Dire trouble. But fear not: Melbourne seven-piece King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard return to save us all, this time armed only with blast beats, an arsenal of well-oiled guitars that are locked and loaded, and a desire to melt faces clean off. Their fifteenth studio album, Infest The Rats’ Nest, released on Flightless Records, is by far The Gizz’s hardest and heaviest album to date.

Released just six months after the uplifting blues-rock boogie and deep electro explorations of Fishing For Fishes and drawing on the mid / late 1980s golden period of thrash metal - Metallica and Slayer, certainly, but also lesser-cited bands such as Exodus, Kreator and Overkill - Infest The Rats’ Nest sees a wholly unexpected creative detour into new sonic terrain. King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard aren’t mere dabbling dilletantes either. Their love of this ferocious music runs deep, and was previously explored on 2017’s apocalyptic concept album Murder Of The Universe, hinted at during 2016’s award-winning Nonagon Infinity’s more bludgeoning moments and elsewhere in numerous hardcore psychedelic freak-outs in their back catalogue.

Infest The Rats’ Nest is the sound of King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard scratching the thrash metal itch, fully and unequivocally. This is an album dripping with disdain and disgust for a planet consuming itself in a mass act of cannibalism which meets the fears and anxieties of a planet head on; here is a place where uncompromising music meets the concerns of contemporary cli-fi, that emerging movement of writing centred around ecological disaster and its repercussions.

Palberta - Palberta5000 (Indie)

On Palberta5000, Ani Ivry-Block, Lily Konigsberg, and Nina Ryser max out traditional pop forms—blowing the genre out into lush, kinetic extensions - to create their own hardcore style of popular music. Together these 16 adventurous, hyper-melodic tracks represent the band’s most accessible album by far - one that is bursting at the seams with vocal hooks and exuberant playing.

Palberta5000 was recorded with Matt Lambozza (PALM, Shimmer), whose Peekskill, New York, studio is located in the original home and family lamp-store of Paul Reuben (Pee Wee Herman). Lambozza’s recording and mix capture the band’s rollicking instru- mentation and vocal precision with greater clarity than anyone has before.

Tracks like the emotionally chaotic Before I Got Here, which charges hard before turning on a dime into a hypnotic krout-surf outro, convey the panicked feeling of falling in love, while Palberta’s ear for pop music makes itself apprent on heart-melting harmonies like those fround on Corner Store. Adding variation to Palberta5000’s well thought-out song cycle are lavish downtempo jams ilke the slow waltz that is The Way That You Do, and the enchanting Red Antz.

Taken together, these songs create a full album experience, and one that is sure to excite the band’s devoted following while welcoming new fans along for the ride. For fans of Slits, Raincoats, A-Frames, Wire, Goat Girl, Minutemen and Urinals.

Rhye - Home (Electronic / Indie / RnB / Soul)

for rhye’s michael milosh, the home is the center of creativity and community.

it transcends conventional understandings of walls, stairs and hardwood floors. a culmination of a wayfarer’s journey, the home is a balm for a restless spirit — a place to simply be. for much of his life, the canadian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has wandered, decamping in toronto, montreal, thailand, the netherlands, germany and los angeles at varying times. since the meteoric rise of rhye’s 2013 debut woman, he’s mostly lived on the road—playing between 50 and one hundred shows a year. but over the last couple of years something changed. on the heels of some major life changes, including a new relationship, milosh yearned for a more permanent space. “it's this idea of creating a safe place that's not just conducive to creativity, but one that’s truly an anchor point from which to make art and be creative,” he says. that longing was fulfilled in august of 2019 when milosh and his partner genevieve happened upon the perfect place in topanga. it had been on and off the market for two years as the owner sought the perfect buyer, one who would carry on its creative tradition. “she did this ceremony somewhere on the property where she was trying to call in the right people, and apparently we came the next day,” milosh explained. “the right kind of home presented itself to us, and we presented ourselves to it. it was like a union between us and the home.” written throughout 2019 and early 2020, recorded at milosh’s home studio, united recording studios and revival at the complex, and mixed by alan moulder (nine inch nails, interpol, my bloody valentine, u2, the killers), home is familiar in its synthesis of propulsive beats, orchestral flourishes, piano ruminations and sultry, gender-nonconforming vocals, but never have they sounded more cohesive or alive. “i'm always trying to always accomplish musical goals that are connected to the way i listened to and interact with music as a child,” milosh says. the sentiment also underscores a broader, less obvious, but no less important theme echoed through his new record: no matter where life takes us, we can always go home.

Kate Rusby - Hand Me Down (Folk)

Kate Rusby returns with a covers album. Hand Me Down, started life a few years ago whilst she was rehearsing for the Jo Whiley Show on BBC Radio 2. Jo asks her live music guests to perform songs of their own plus any cover version of their choice, Kate's choice at that time was Oasis' Don't Go Away; on her second visit to the show she chose by Friday I'm in Love by The Cure.

"As a folk singer, it's what I do, re-interpret existing songs, but usually the songs are much, much older. After playing a version of Oasis' Don't Go Away on the BBC Radio 2 Jo Whiley show, about 5 years ago, it dawned on me that not just the very old songs are handed down through the generations, but also favourite songs of any age, of any generation. Songs are precious for many different reasons. With Don't Go Away proving so popular on the last album and hearing the reaction when we performed it on tour, I decided, "Right, that's it! I am doing a whole album of covers." It was always the plan to make this album this year, lock-down just made it more intimate. We have laughed and we have cried, we have danced and we have sung. All of that is here, engrained in every track."

Suede - Royal Albert Hall 24th March 2010 (Indie / Rock)

At the request of the Teenage Cancer Trust, after a seven-year hiatus Suede reformed to play what they believed would be a one-off concert at the Royal Albert Hall on 24th March 2010. As a result of the extraordinary reaction from the audience, the band decided to reform permanently, and have gone on to record three new studio albums. Featuring exhilarating versions of their most popular songs, including Beautiful Ones, Animal Nitrate, Trash, Saturday Night and The Wild Ones, luckily this incredible performance was captured on tape, and is now available again as a 3LP set, pressed on 180 gram clear vinyl. The inner sleeves feature Paul Khera’s beautiful photos of the event.

James Yorkston and The Second Hand Orchestra - The Wide Wide River (Acoustic / Folk / Alternative / Indie / Rock)

James Yorkston and The Second Hand Orchestra release The Wide, Wide River on Domino. The album came to be after the blossoming of a long-term friendship between James Yorkston and Karl-Jonas Winqvist, the Swedish music producer, leader and conductor of The Second Hand Orchestra.

That communal feeling is apparent across the entire album. Recorded and mixed in Sweden over the course of three days with a selection of musicians Winqvist had brought together, including Peter Morén (Peter, Bjorn and John), Cecilia Österholm (one of Sweden’s best-known nyckelharpa players), Emma Nordenstam (piano and cello) and Ulrika Gyllenberg (violin). The studio approach with The Second Hand Orchestra was entirely improvised around Yorkston’s songs, and the only song they heard in advance was Ella Mary Leather; Yorkston didn’t want to direct anyone too much but instead, allowed for a welcoming, instinctive, free-spirited and joyful atmosphere. The Wide, Wide River is a soothing, warm and sublime listen, whilst also highlighting Yorkston’s skills for songwriting, collaboration and as a musical conductor. The record takes in past loves, advancing age and friends, now gone, whilst also containing some of the most sanguine songs Yorkston has ever made.

The Wide, Wide River is James’ tenth album for Domino, not to mention his three albums as part of Yorkston / Thorne / Khan and his two books.

Here are the best reissues coming out this week at The Vinyl Whistle:

Sam Cooke - Ain't That Good News (Funk / Soul)

Sam cooke’s landmark full-length ain’t that good news, notable for being the last studio album released during his lifetime was originally released in march 1964, just nine months before cooke’s untimely passing.

the album features original hit songs written by sam cooke such as another saturday night, ain’t that good news, good times, falling in love, as well as the iconic, timeless masterpiece a change is gonna come, which became an anthem for the u.s. civil rights movement. remastered by joe yannece. lacquer cutting by carl rowatti, trutone mastering.

Sam Cooke - Keep Movin' On (Funk / Soul)

ABKCO Records release for the first time on vinyl, Keep Movin’ On, a 23-song collection that encompasses some of Cooke’s best loved and most incisive songs and represents the artist both at the very pinnacle and, tragically, at the very end of his ground-breaking career. The songs that comprise Keep Movin’ On were, for the most part, written and produced by Sam Cooke following his successful fight for complete creative and economic control over his recordings and repertoire. The notion of artistic self-determination was an unheard-of concept for virtually any recording artist, let alone a young rhythm and blues singer in the early 1960’s.