Lino Prints

I am a Leeds based Lino Print artist. I have always been able to draw and paint and earn my living as a Graphic designer. 3 years ago a friend started Lino Printing and I thought I'd have a go, these are the results. I like Lino printing because it's a bit of an adventure, you have an idea, draw or trace this onto the Lino, remembering to mirror the image and then start cutting, but it's not until you pull the first print that you can see how it looks. I like this unpredictability of the process, then even in the printing you can get some unexpected and quite beautiful results. This is a reflection of my musical tastes. Tributes to musicians whose records have filled my life, songs that take you back to a distant time & evoke memories.

I hope you enjoy my work. 


These are unframed prices and include postage and packing, sent directly from the artist